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I started this blog 2 years ago to journal my training for my first full marathon, however I feel it is time to take a break from this blog.

I am a busy mama with 4 kiddos!

And a party planner

Plus, I have started a new journey, a new project that will consume a lot fo my time once school starts. So I am only going to keep up with the family blog and the party blog.

I will still be running everyday and meeting my trainer at 5:30 am  a few times a week…I will continue to run half and full marathons and coach my kids with their running. Maybe someday when I chose to run the destination races that are on my list I will come back here to journal that.

But until then Happy Running and thanks for being a part of my journey!


I am so in love with the workouts I am doing with my trainer. So much improvement and results.

I would rather stay in bed longer but as always glad I got up and did the workout. My trainer has been changing it up so much….each day something totally different. I am not certain i have not things more than once…except for abs…she likes to kill them first thing and finish with abs while the rest of your body is fatigued. Today was more set, less reps, heavy weights. I kinda liked it. It was definitely a have to push through it kinda workout, ya know, all you can do is breath maybe let out a lil grunt.

I feel tired, the good tired….I am excited to see results and feel so much stronger. Of course I love how much time I have taken off my runs as well. I have started doing speed workouts again too..loving that. It is always good when you have to run faster on both the slow and fast parts of your speed workout!

Hope you are having great summer workouts!

Happy Running!

I wonder how fast I could be if I really worked at it?

A few months ago I was trudging along at a 10 min mile pace. I began working out with a personal trainer mid April. It is weights and ab work with stairs or jump rope in between. Then I had a lazy vacation and did not work out as hard as I do when I am home. The not being at home  makes it tough, then there was the horrible humidity which made for no fun runs.

Yet, yesterday I just ran 4 miles. I was still tired from all the late nights and sleeping in days from vacay but lo and behold I ran an 8.75 minute mile pace. WHAT?! Where did that come form? I know weight lose (I have not had any, just loss in inches) helps with speed, then there is all the lunges, calf raises and stairs that help….but I have not done any interval or speed training.

So I just wonder when I start speed work how fast will I be?

Happy Running!

I got back in town last night at 11. 5:30 came real early this morning but I was set on going to my workout session, I need a good tough workout. It had been too long. I did run, do some weights and some resistance training while on vacay but it is not the same as a tough workout with your trainer.

It is always hard to keep up the tough workouts you do at home while on vacay. Well it is for me. I am up later, sleep longer, do more stuff during the day, focus more on my time with those we are visiting vs. my routine and make as many memories as possible so the workout is not top priority. Plus, where we were was HUMID and HOT. Hot ok, but when it is 100%+ HUMIDITY it is a tougher run…plus it is so bright at 5:20 am where we were…I am not use to it being light until 6:00 at the earliest.

Marsha got be back on track this morning and it was great. I am ready for my day…pool, nap, hang with hubbie, enjoy a quiet house while kids are at mimi and papa’s, maybe take out for dinner, a movie and utter relaxation!

Happy Running!

Good day!

Posted on: May 24, 2011

Today was measurement day! I am so excited about my progress and was not expecting the amazing results!!

A total of 14″ lost!

The Body Fat calibrator test showed I dropped 16 calibers!

How great is that? In ONE month!!

So stoked and excited to keep on keeping on!

Happy Running!

Yesterday was leg day! Yup, 45 minutes of weighted lunges and squats. We finished up the workout with some back and shoulder exercises. I did not feel the workout yesterday…wondered if I need more weight but boy my legs hollered loud and clear this morning on  my run. It was a workout of a run today….my buttocks down to my calves were burning. I chose to do some interval work due to how my legs felt. The slow pace was welcomed and the bursts of speed made the run seem to pass quickly since I was all about the slow down and the relief it brought my hamstrings.

Measurements are Tuesday! I am excited. I know there are changes. Heck, my dear friend commented yesterday she noticed how I am shrinking,…albeit she was talking about my boobs. But hey, at least my body is moving in the right direction, right?!

Happy Running!

Things are great with the exercise routine. It is very productive and peaceful. So good that last week when I sprained my ankle, only slightly, I was ok with that. I feel good with  my progress, my times and weights. I enjoyed my 3 days off, caught up on some things while I iced and elevated my ankle. I hit the pavement this morning for a great run and no issue with my ankle. I think the fact the injury did not bother me, that I had a oh well it happens attitude was what made it a quick recovery process. I did not go out because I just had to exercise, I was ready to turn around and go back to bed if it felt to weak or fatigued. But it felt strong and as if nothing ever happened.

I have loved the fact that, although it is odd, there are hardly any runners or walkers out in the morning. I love the quiet darkness. Just me, my thoughts and my music. I love starting the day off so wonderfully!

My work with my trainer has been giving me results. I put on a pair of pants I bought less than a month ago and well they were a bit loose. YAY!

I have enjoyed the exercise schedule that has no schedule. Ok, yes I have a commitment 2 days a week to see my trainer but I have no running schedule, time frame, no pending race, nothing. I am just doing the runs I feel like doing when I wake up. No commitment to a date or time. Honestly, it really wasn’t until 4 years ago I ran to race since high school. I like the mental freedom of chosing when to do a certain workout when I want, not feeling a need to schedule it based on a race training schedule. All this is reason why I do not like running groups. They have schedules, planned things and everyone wants to know what you are doing, how fast and it is all one big competition made to look like they care about you as a person. Mostly, they just want to know how much harder they have to work to beat you or how much faster they are than you already. Groups are great for some and that is awesome. We alL need the thing that keeps us going and on track.

I am looking forward to some sunrise beach runs in the next few weeks… those are always enjoyable.

Happy Running!


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